Be a Beautiful Dreamer – Dreams Do Come True!


Dreams give us hopes, aspirations and the passion to do better. They fuel our energy and focus and drive us towards growth. It’s no wonder that we all have a dream home we want to conquer someday. For some, it is a lavish apartment in the heart of the city, while for others, it is a relaxing abode in the countryside. At Utopia, we celebrate dreams and dreamers. It is because of their visions and imaginations that we get an opportunity to outdo ourselves as interior designers. We get an opportunity to paint dreams using various materials, colours, and finishes. The result is a dream come true – for individuals, families and memories!


One of our landmark project – Rêveur, meaning Dreamer is based entirely on this concept for a businessman family. At the age of 60, the couple’s life has just begun! They wanted a home that reflects the husband’s dream of owning a residence that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Located in Castle Royale Towers next to Pune University, the project was a blank canvas waiting to become a masterpiece. The area is one of the most prime locations in the city and the apartment is embellished with bespoke features, amenities and most modern specifications.


Our task as designers was to elevate the living space for the family in a way that beautifully captures their soul and provides a comfortable abode to unwind after all their hard-working days. Every aspect of the home, right from the materials used to the lighting have been meticulously planned and designed to appreciate the dreamer because he has accomplished his dreams.


We have used a mixture of raw and luxury materials to create a striking contrast in terms of aesthetics. For instance, the ceiling in the living room and wall panels are made using wood and concrete textures while the sofas and beds are made in soft furnishings for a luxurious appeal. The contrasting elements share a unique story for the beholder while intensifying interest in the décor all around.



An Inviting Private Entrance Lobby

The private entrance/lift lobby is the first glimpse of the precious residence and thus, we have designed it with an element of intrigue and enigma. We have used exotic marble with lilac grey tinge in the cracks. The lilac grey has been strategically used to hint about what to expect (an accentuated sofa in the living room with a similar hue). The premium ruff cut Veneer lends a lavish look and feel to the entrance lobby.

Instead of using clear or regular mirrors, we opted for a patterned grey mirror for controlled reflections in the lobby. The lamps in brass tree branch offers a teaser of the brass tree shaped chandelier and similar shaped wall décor before entering the apartment. The smart use of such products makes the transition between the lobby and living room smooth and charming.



An Opulent Living Room

The living room full-size window overlooks the lush green landscapes of the 700 acres Pune University campus. With such a spectacular view outside, the inside had to live up to the standard. Since our client is a builder developer, we used special clay tiled ceilings to offer a concrete and shuttered look. The wine coloured sofa acts as an accent piece in the living room and offers a playful yet luxurious look. It balances conversations and comfort in the best possible way.


The Hex-Collage lamps designed by Gaurav are the main show stopper of the house. The linearity is thoughtfully divided in the formal sitting, TV lounge sitting and dining area. We’ve also created an informal chitchat corner in the living room. The dining area is warm and inviting for sumptuous meals and stimulating dialogues!



A Gourmet Kitchen

The soul of the homemaker, the kitchen design is modular, sleek and ultra-modern. We sourced trolleys from Germany and appliances from different parts of the world to bring global excellence into the cooking space. We designed the unit in a T-shape so that 2-3 staff members can work together harmoniously. The dry kitchen, wet kitchen and cooking zone are separated for ease of cooking and cleaning.



A Calming Master Bedroom

The 1200 sq. ft. master suite was an expansive delight to design and develop. We used various vertical and horizontal lines to create a relaxing and calming space to soothe and unwind for the happy couple. The wooden ceiling creatively defines the bed area. On the other hand, the curtains are designed with specially hand tufted jewel stones that are spread in a scattered look, thus creating different expressions on every pleat. We imported the bed and other furniture from one of the finest furniture factories in Italy for an impeccable bedroom.



A Stunning Master Toilet and Walk-in Closet

Stepping in for a relaxing bath or getting ready for an evening soiree just got a lot more glamourous with our elegant designs. We created a sophisticated and stylish bathroom with a walk-in closet that matches the stature of the dynamic couple. The Jacuzzi is made using a combination of black marquina and Bronze statuario marble, making this 600 sq. ft. space look classy and inviting.



An Attractive Daughters Bedroom

Embracing the concept of birds and clouds as curious attractions of grand children’s childhood, this room is a testimony to the love and affection shared in the family. The wall behind the bed is specially carved in Syporex blocks, that are used in construction projects to connect with the client’s business. These are designed by the finest artisans around the world. The bathroom balances vibrancy and relaxation beautifully as it is designed using glass white marbles and Spanish brick wall tiles.



A Fusion Style Daughters Bedroom

The fusion between industrial elements and luxury has been showcased in this bedroom. We used wings to define freedom and a metal panelled wallpaper and natural logged wooden floor to depict simplicity in nature. The walk-in closet ensures every need of the individual is fulfilled, whether they are staying in or just visiting the home. There’s also a separate section to organize handbags and shoes to display and use accessories and footwear with love and affection.


The outdoor seating is perfect to catch up with family and friends over a drink while the guest room is as poised, elegant and charming as the hosts.


With this project, we reinforced the belief that dreams do come true and sometimes, they take such a beautiful shape that it makes life truly worthwhile!