An Embrace of Colonial and Bohemian Styles


As a design-conscious couple, creating an abode was one of the most challenging and invigorating experiences. After designing homes and brand stories for clients, working on a space that will be our den of creativity offered a lot of scope for innovation, ideas and inspiration. The energy in the home is eclectic, suited to nurture our one-year-old and our professional expertise.


The three-bedroom residence at Castle Royale is now a two-bedroom home with a dedicated space to work and unwind after work. For a young family, the flexibility to work from home and continue being parents while being entrepreneurs was a significant factor in the house's layout. With bright, bold and beautiful layers of colonial and bohemian styles, the home embraces contemporary art, traditional values and dreamy futures.


Embracing Natural Beauty


The grand welcome is defined by the blissful greens that immediately soothe the senses and prepare you for the upcoming luxury with a glimpse of style and sophistication. The entrance passage is elevated by colonial architecture with a rustic mirror, bright flowers and an intricately designed storage. The gorgeous greens blended with the English colours are the perfect entrance for royalty. When you step inside the balcony, it’s another world of serenity, dominated by the beautiful painted green leaves, some fresh greens and an adorable buddha that perfectly encapsulates your feeling out here. It’s a quiet, undisturbed reading nook, a place to sip that stimulating coffee and a space to finally be one with your thoughts. 


“I always love how colour can change the look, mood, and feel of a space.”


Embracing Royal Living


The living room is a culmination of our ideologies and beliefs about life, design and style. The black and white rug acts as the centre stage for all the drama that unfolds through the sofa, the dining, and the unique swing-like seating that offers a perfect break between the two. Overlooking the magnificent city views, the expansive living room’s design is dictated by our personal choices and memories. The word ‘Embrace’ makes its way on the wall, showing our affinity towards embracing life’s greatest blessings and making the most of them. The English rose pink colour in its light and subtle shades adds a dash of vibrancy to the black and white elements and expresses warmth, romance and love in all its glory.



Embracing Prestige and Privacy


The master bedroom embraces a minimal aesthetic and depicts our quest for ultimate elegance in an understated and refined form. The colonial architectural inspiration is visible in the bed’s structure, while the Bohemian style comes through in the colours and textures used to upraise the room. It’s a space to unwind, recharge and connect, designed with utmost simplicity and magnetism to build a yearning always to come home! A life-size wardrobe and a vanity corner add a touch of glamour and grace. The washroom is equally lavish and indulgent, with an inviting bathtub, a one-of-a-kind wash basin and a smartly textured grey panel to stand out against the light-coloured walls.  


Embracing Playfulness


Just like kids bring a breath of fresh air to our lives, the bedroom designed for the little one is full of freshness with a burst of white. It can also double up as a guest bedroom with all the facilities and features for a comfortable stay. The bold streaks of maroon complement the white and create a contrasting play of shades and hues for a tranquil experience. The mix of Bohemian and Colonial designs with a playful corner has given the room its unique identity, and it’s a space destined for love and laughter. The washroom is equally opulent in its design, with a palette of pretty pastels and geometric harmony.


“Colour is the place where our brains and the universe meet.”


Embracing Work-Life Balance


The home office is an inspiring study with the wisdom of books and the company of plants to create magic every day. The elements of wood add an element of prestige to the room, while the open spaces encourage the mind to think big. The abundant natural light and free flow of energy is a must for those working in a creative profession like ours. While work is an essential part of the day, we do believe play is equally important, too. For the non-working hours and days, there’s a foosball table and ample space to enjoy board games and make lifetime memories. After all, every canvas of life can be filled with a beautiful blend of work and play.


“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”


Embracing Make in India


Opting for a bare-shell unit, there was maximum flexibility to transform the layout as per our growing family’s needs. As an interior designer with a strong belief in ‘Make in India’, Embrace celebrates our country’s artists, artisans and unmatched craftsmanship. Every aspect of the home and every single element is sourced from India itself, giving an opportunity to showcase our country’s beautiful traditions and heritage. The home brings you a glimpse of artefacts and collectables from all over – Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai. Every space testifies to India’s rich and diverse past, present and future.


Keeping the colonial vibe alive and incorporating it with the fun and fabulous Bohemian culture, ‘Embrace’ reflects signature style with diversity in design and uniformity in its statement. While a few elements tie up the design story beautifully, all bedrooms, living room and spaces are distinctly designed without straying away from the theme. The lighting breathes life into the home and completes the calm and welcoming feel. This free-spirited residence with unconventional décor celebrates a contemporary mix of patterns, textures, woods and colours. It’s our way to embrace family values, love and traditions with an affinity for luxury and high living. By infusing a personal touch of creativity and charm, Embrace tells some interesting stories in all of its nooks and corners.