Dussani's Residence

Dussani Residence


“A design isn’t finished until someone is using it.”


At Utopia by Gaurav Kankariya, we breathe and live design every day. It’s the essence of our interior design solutions and the core of our business. Yet, we believe that our work is successful only when our customers truly live and enjoy our design. We’ve been focusing on contemporary designs – known for their sleek surfaces, cutting-edge art and crisp furnishings. Our contemporary styles are comfortable and welcoming, without the clutter and chaos. Hallmarks of our design have always been clean, curved lines, cool tones, attention to quality, stark contrasts and natural materials. Recently, we designed the Dussani Residence, an ode to modern interiors with a charm of sophisticated style.


The family of 3 wanted to design a home that reflects their choices, personalities and tastes with a visual cue of modernism and contemporary art. Located in ABIL Castel Royale, the residence is a spacious and luxurious 3BHK that we designed right from scratch. We converted the home into a 2 BHK for the couple and their 10-year-old son while transforming the extra bedroom into a home theatre and study. With an enviable address and a desirable future, the project was a clean slate for creativity, innovation and artistic imagination!


The Grand Welcome 


The solid visible lines are a signature style of contemporary residences, and we’ve embraced them right at the entrance for a glimpse of the modernity that’s about to be unveiled. With bright and bold bulbs, the focus is set on the family name, while the hanging plants offset the linear design with an elegant and subtle flavour of nature. The first look inside the abode is luxury redefined with gold and silver shades and an enormous mirror reflecting the opulence. 


The Chic Living 


The future-inspired design in the living and dining shares an affinity for natural materials, minimalist aesthetic and clean lines. The white and gold sofa exudes subtle luxury, while the premium leather wing chair is inviting enough for the royalty. The classic neutral white and brown shades create a perfect backdrop for bold accessories. At the same time, the large blooms with attractive leaves infuse the room with natural freshness. Finally, the vibrant and verdant green balcony is the perfect visual to unwind, relax and soothe your senses in the living room.


The gourmet dining is a celebration of geometric shapes and linear visuals with the contrast of beautiful and memorable elements that are an integral part of the Dussani family’s treasure. With the bright and blissful lights and a comforting environment, the stage is set for a fine dine experience!


The Tasteful Kitchen 


Empowering the space with an open-kitchen concept for a fluid design and easier communication, this is a place for indulgence, refreshment and celebrations. The tones are in harmony with the living room – white, grey and brown with a hint of royal blue cabinets for a bare and bold look and feel. The bright lights enable gourmet cooking for 3 or 30, depending on the occasion! 


The Minimalist Master Bedroom


Celebrating the businessman and his wife’s persona, the bedroom is crafted to perfection with clean, simplistic and elegant styles. The play on different textures inculcates a mood of relaxation and rejuvenation, inviting the couple to unwind after a rewarding day at work. The royal blue addition to the subtle nudes and greys around creates a mesmerizing contrast in colour palettes. At the same time, the natural green leaves add a cool and comforting element to the bedroom. The washroom is bold, black and beautiful with ultra-premium finishes and minimalist design.


The Out-of-this-World Bedroom


The son’s interest in Astro-science and photography inspired his room’s design with elements of astronauts and pictures of the moon that beautifully showcase his passion and desires. A calm and cosy study area with a dramatic sculpture and a tripod is motivational and inspirational for a bright future out in the space! The bathroom’s dark brown and black tones are subdued with the fresh green leaves and curved mirror and basin that offset the linear design.


“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”



The Divine Mandir


With a young family of 3, the need for a servant room was eliminated, and thus, it was converted into a blessed space with a temple. The clean design continues in the mandir, with a glass wall to reflect the calming experience and elevate it across the room. The Italian marble flooring contrasts beautifully with the black walls, and the intricate design on the backdrop reminds you of a culture-rich Indian temple that celebrates our traditions. 



The Blockbuster Home Theatre


Bringing home the big-screen experience, the home theatre is designed for entertaining friends and family with an abundance of luxury. The vast screen, reclining seats and unbeatable sound effects make every movie a must-watch! The golden metal lines remind you of the most luxuriating theatres in metros, but the ultra-spacious room brings you back home! 


There’s also a modern study with an unpretentious yet larger-than-life appeal. It’s designed to enable work-from-home scenes with the same privacy, comfort and luxury of a corner office.


The washroom in the home theatre and study is strikingly different from the others as it offers a bright white charisma with a central focus light – continuing the theme of the blockbuster experience.


The powder room is designed to take you to a 5-star hotel with all the amenities, finishes and luxuries that are second to none.




The Dussani Residence is an oasis of warmth that brings together the family for their daily adventures. Every corner makes an artistic statement in the contemporary home with various textures, colours and lighting arrangements. The design style here is evolving and growing, one that plays with conventions, embraces new ideas and celebrates different forms just like one season comes and goes. It’s current, exciting and exemplary, with a touch of cosiness and comfort that truly makes your home your happy place!



“Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.”